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We Protect Your Family

At Integral XT, we ensure the safety and security of your home.  With our effective and ecological methods, we eliminate all colonies of insects such as bed bugs, ants, hornets, and other insects.  We apply multifaceted control programs, as well as implementing a thorough inspection of your home to locate all points of entry. For other exterior household pests, such as cluster flies, earwigs, ants, and spiders, we provide targeted treatments. We offer ecological and preventative approaches to prevent new infestations. 

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We Protect Your Customers

Our commercial pest management division serves restaurants, hotels, B & B’s, multiple rental units, retail stores, and grocery chains. We manage everyday problems such as mice, rats, and insects using an ecological approach while focusing on prevention. Our commercial pest control services comply with the requirements of various government and municipal regulators. Our technicians cover the entire Montreal region, including West Island, North Shore, Laval and the South Shore. 

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We Keep Your Workers Safe

At Integral XT, we know the industrial, manufacturing, and factory buildings can become infested with insects, mice and rats. Our ecological pest control management programs address health and safety requirements. It’s essential to take a preventative approach, as the long-term costs can be enormous in large buildings. 

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