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Ant Control

We eliminate all kinds of ants, including Carpenter ants, Pharaoh Ants, Pavement Ants, Reds ants, Fire ants and many more!

When you start seeing ants in your property and especially if they are recurring in the same locations, there’s a good chance you have a problem. Contact us (link), and we will take care of any ant control problems in your home or business!

Signs of Presence for Carpenter Ants

-Fine sawdust on the ground
-Flying winged ants
-Food invasion
-Breakage of structures, i.e. door or window sills

Our Ant Removal Procedure

Each ant extermination process will differ depending on the type of ant species present. Our ant control professionals provide a free consultation.

Once you know the cost, paperwork is signed, and we conduct a detailed inspection of your property to find the source that will prevent further infestations. During the evaluation process, we identify the ant species, find the root cause of the infestation, and provide a treatment plan. 

Call us anytime for a free inspection with no obligation  514 638 8705

Bedbug Inspection

Bedbugs are very common in North America in general and Quebec. The adult insect can measure up to 10mm.

It has an oval body that is broad and flat at the end and a small head. It’s a brown colour but becomes red when saturated with blood from its victims. The young nymph is translucent and darkens with age. 

Signs of Presence
-Traces of blood on the sheet
-Black/reddish dots from their droppings
-Strong odours in the room
-Itchy skin
-Tiny transparent eggs alone or in clusters

Need a bedbug inspection and help to remove these insects? Give us a call; we are available 24/7. 

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are found everywhere these days, from movie theaters and bars to private residences and retirement homes. Bedbugs can be difficult to remove compared to other insects.

The moment you suspect you have a bed bug problem, call our expert technicians who can help to eliminate your infestation. 

Our Bedbug Removal Procedure
At Integral XT, we conduct a thorough inspection of your home or commercial property. We will check for signs of the infestation such as castings (skin cells), faecal matter, and bugs-dead or alive. We provide a detailed course of action with an ecological approach. It’s always recommended for a second treatment plan to insure the elimination of bedbugs. 

We provide services for residential and commercial, including hotels, Air B&B’s, apartment complexes, and residences. 

Flies Control

Flies are well known to spread bacteria and disease. It’s essential to recognize that if fly problems are not handled properly, they will continue to grow and can become a health hazard.

Flies reproduce at an incredibly fast rate. 
Have a fly problem? Call Integral XT today; our expert exterminators will help you.  514 638 8705

Our Flies Removal Procedure
We will provide a free consultation. Once the cost is known, and paperwork is signed, we perform a detailed inspection of your commercial or industrial property to locate the source of the infestation. With further evaluation, we uncover the root cause and provide an ecological treatment plan. 

Insects Control

Whether you have centipedes, ladybugs, silverfish or some insect you don’t recognize, we are here to help you eliminate them.

When you notice you have unwelcome crawling insects in your home, call us immediately. 514 638 8705 

We help identify them and get rid of your crawling insects quickly and efficiently using an ecological approach. 

Our Insects Removal Procedure
To get a good understanding of your insect situation, we provide a free consultation. We help you to understand the pest elimination process, costs are provided, and a contract is signed. We begin with a full inspection locating the root cause. The situation is accessed, and the best ecological treatment plan is performed. As an added value service, we scout out the rest of your home to ensure there are no other problem areas. 

Mouse Control

Both mice and rats can create health risks in a residential or commercial property. We help you to identify and eliminate your pest problems.

Signs of Presence
-Excrement, droppings
-Bad odours
-Food eaten in storage places
-Gnawed electrical wires
-Noise at night

Our Mouse Removal Procedure
After an onsite consultation, you are provided with a cost estimate an elimination management program. Species are identified, and the signs of general movements of the rodent activity are ascertained. Your ecological rodent extermination begins!

Spider Control

There are close to 700 different species of spiders in Quebec. Our certified specialists provide quality and professional service, making sure to answer all your questions.

Signs of Presence
Mainly cobwebs
Brownish droppings left behind them.

Our Spider Removal Procedure
Our exterminators provide a free onsite consultation. Once the cost of treatment set, an appropriate and ecological means of control and elimination is implemented. 

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